A Girl and her Horse

My sister, Kristy, and I had wanted to do a shoot with our horses for a long time. So on a day in early spring with high storm clouds we decided the time was perfect. We went to work styling the shoot with a worldly flare. Our dad brought back the beautiful blue woven serape form Guatemala in the late seventies. The scarf was a gift from a good friend upon here return from Kenya Africa. Handmade feather hair piece by Laura Brothers. Shells from Hawaii. The bracelets were from as far away as Belarus, Guatemala, and Mexico. Moccasins from the American west. And a hand crafted turquoise ring from a Navajo jeweler, Herbert Platero.

The horses were their curious selves, the younger ones coming right up to check out the camera and nibble on our clothes. The older ones had a little more spunk, desperately wanting to avoid being ridden. Fortunately we had Riley there to wrangle the ornery ones.

The horses still had on their winter coats, which photographed beautifully. The shoot was an overall success and an all around good time. We were girls again playing dress up with our horses.