Neverland: A Work of Fiction

I remember scenes from my childhood like light flickers from a candle fame. Nothing solid, but shifting memories of playing by a creek that turned into a mighty sea full of strange creatures, of climbing old pinon pines that turned into mighty fortresses for fighting off foes, and of collecting flowers and greens to create headdresses fit for a princess. I was blessed as a child to have room to let my imaginations run wild and for a mother who reads. My imagination was feed by stories my mother read to my sisters and me.

She would take us down by the lake, where she would read and we would draw in sketchbooks. The photo project, “When a mother reads,” are children’s stories told through the children who make them real. Netherland is inspired by the classic tale of Peter Pan and Wendy by J. M. Barrie and told through the Miller children’s imagination. Many thanks to Addie, Allan, Eli, Cora and Thea and to their mother Marci who reads to them.